Executive Board

Dr. Curtis. W. Wallace
Rev. Edward Broadway Bro. Leon Kilpatrick Bro. Van Sims Sis. Cynthia Bennett
Senior Pastor/Teacher Assistant to the Pastor Deacon Ministry, Chair Finance Committee, Chair Trustee Board, Chair
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Our Staff

Rev. Shawn Torres  Sis. Lena Hatcher Bro. Quintin Ragsdale
Youth Pastor Accountant Facilities Manager
(214) 823-7308 ext. 321 (214) 823-7308 ext. 302 (214) 823-7308 ext. 303
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Bro. Randall Fears  Sis. Tonia Dunlap Sis. Denisha Moore
Minister of Music Executive Assist. / Min. Coordinator Administrative Assistant
(214) 823-7308 ext. 311 (214) 823-7308 ext. 310 (214) 823-7308 ext. 309
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Bro. Rodney Moore
Culinary Arts Director
(214) 823-7308 ext. 316