Business and Professional Guild

The Business and Professional Guild is a ministry designed for the professional and entrepreneurs to enhance the Kingdom of God through the business world.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary Ministry is a creative and innovative ministry designed to serve God and others through food preparation.  This ministry encompasses everything from creating menus for 2-2000 guests to food preparation and decorations for church programs/events.  If you enjoy a fast paced, customer service oriented environment and can yield yourself to the direction of the Holy Spirit, then our ministry needs YOU.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeters eagerly awaits your arrival each Sunday with a warm smile, friendly greeting and a basket of goodies to make your worship experience a little “SWEETER”.

Health Awareness Team

The Health Awareness Team’s (HAT) goal within the church is to implement health educational programs and referral resources as well as build a network of health professionals who can integrate faith beliefs and health management in order to meet the needs of the congregation.

HAT works within the church to provide health education and free screenings throughout the year in order to improve congregants overall health and well-being. The Health Awareness Team coordinates Blood Drives, Blood Pressure screenings, Prostate Screenings as well as participates in the annual Breast Cancer Race for the Cure. The Health Awareness Team provides basic first aid during church services as needed. The team is also active in visiting sick and shut in members in their home or in Nursing home facilities.

Media Ministry

We know that faith comes from hearing and believe that spoken word and song are two of the most important tools for a church service. It is our goal as Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church Media Team to provide clear and intelligible sound and video that is transparent and distraction free to the listener or the viewer. The goal of the church media team is to provide media that is worthy of the worship of Jesus Christ. 

This goal is best accomplished by ministering to the technical, physical and spiritual needs of those who have entrusted God’s Word to us (those ministering to the congregation) so that we can impart that message to the hearts and ears of the Body of Christ. When someone speaks, prays or sings the Word of God, it flows through our systems. Everything flows through us and flows out from us. If we’re not on top of our game for any time during that hour, it affects the entire service. We believe that the position of sound/video operators is an important mission of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church. We believe that equipping our media team with the proper training, equipment and communication skills, we can achieve our mission.

Our Media Team covers a vast array of services: Execution of Live Worship on all available platforms, CD/DVD sales to the congregation, the production of ministry events including: support for annual day celebrations, ministry special events, ministry commercials and ministry photographs. The media team is also responsible for all of our social media platform technology and support.

Sewing Ministry

Our sewing ministry is designed to encourage Christian standards through domestic and Biblical teaching. Sewing, knitting, quilting and crafting instructions are provided for future Christian homemaking preparations.

Usher Ministry

The usher ministry is here to serve the Lord Christ.  Ushers are servants of Christ doing the Will of God from the heart.  (Ephesians 6:6)

Ushers are the fourth ministry of the church.  1 Corinthians 14:40  says “Let all things be done decently and in order”.  Ushers are forerunners for Christ and all other ministries experienced in the sanctuary and under-girths the total program and mission of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church.

It is the desires of the ushers to provide to the worshippers spiritual, emotional and social support during their worship experience.